New Version of Provide Chat Released Today

Provide Chat’s bee updated. New features, new interface, and better than ever. Using Provide Chat Classic, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

By Luke Holzken
November 11th, 2016

For all users of Provide Chat Classic, I just wanted to let you know we’ve gone ahead and released a new version of Provide Chat. This new version is a complete rewrite and includes a ton of new features. It’s a seriously significant improvement and I truly believe you’ll find it to be a big upgrade as well.

While we won’t be making any more updates to the version you’re currently using, we’re renaming it Provide Chat classic and will keep it running for the foreseeable future. If you want to continue using it, it’ll be available on our website here:

We appreciate your loyalty. I’d like to give you a huge thank you for having used Provide Chat all this time. If you want to sign up for the new version you can here.

I’ll even personally help you with the setup if you need it. We offer a free setup service.

While the new Provide Chat has a Forever Free plan, if you get a paid account it’s only $15 a user, and that includes every feature it has to offer. As an existing free user, I would like to offer you a 50% discount on your first year.

Simply email me at and I’ll send you a promo code that you can use to save 50% when inputting your payment details. You can even share this promo code with your friends. The promo code is time sensitive so email me quick to take advantage of it.

Switching to the new version is up to you, but I would be honored if you checked it out and made the switch. And if you love it, feel free to share it on the social web.

Make the switch to the new version of Provide Chat here:

This article is written by Luke Holzken. Provide Chat's Product Manager. He's interested in all things online marketing related but his primary passions include content marketing, SEO, customer service, website analytics, and running a SaaS startup.

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